Summer Fun Camp Free-For-All!

Yep, that’s right!  Summer Fun Camp is now FREE FOR ALL!  Anyone can participate and have a blast during all 4 weeks of Summer Fun Camp 2013!


Summer Fun Camp 2013 will now be a FREE Blog Hop!  What’s that mean for you?

  • You will now visit each Camp Counselor’s individual blog for their craft and activity during each week of camp.
  • A full schedule with links will be posted here for you to keep up with.
  • If you registered and paid, you will be reimbursed in the next week.
  • We will still do our very best to give you a supply list for each week of camp.  That list will be posted prior to each week of camp right here on this blog, as well as on One Tough Mother.
  • Because this is now a free online camp hosted on 10 different blogs, there will be no private forum or Flickr group as originally planned.  (Sorry!)
  • There WILL still be sponsors and giveaways!  Giveaways will be posted on One Tough Mother at the beginning of each week of camp and will remain open through the end of each week of camp.  Sponsors and prizes will vary week to week.

So, you don’t need to register!  Just stay tuned and show up!  Head over to One Tough Mother to subscribe to our feed, or sign up for our newsletter and stay informed on all Summer Fun Camp 2013 news!  Happy Summer!


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