Recap of Week 2 + Giveaway Winner

We just wrapped up our second week of Summer Fun Camp 2013 and it was yet again a huge success!  Zoo Week was so much fun!!!

I hope you all entered to win this week’s giveaway, a $30 gift certificate to The Hairbow Company!


We’ll announce the winner of the giveaway in a moment, but first, let’s recap our Zoo Adventures!

Day 1: DIY Fingerprint Zoo by One Tough Mother


Day 2: DIY Birdfeeder by The Grant Life

How to Make a DIY Bird Feeder this Summer

Day 3: Clothespin Crocodiles by MercyINK


Day 4: Foam Stamped Animal T-Shirt by Pitter & Glink


Day 5: No-Sew Sock Elephant by One Tough Mother


Fabulous, right?!  If you missed anything from this week or Week 1, it’s all here for you to catch up on with the click of your mouse!

We still have two more weeks of Summer Camp fun coming your way!  I hope we’ll see in in July!



I almost forgot – we need a winner!!



You’ll receive an email soon 🙂

Thanks so much!!!


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