Weekly Camps


We’re kicking off Summer Fun Camp 2013 with a throwback to the traditional summer camps of our childhood!  Remember the good ol’ days?  Going for nature hikes, swimming in the lake, making friendship bracelets and situpons?  How about sharing stories around a campfire while roasting marshmallows?  You and your child will have a fabulous week exploring and crafting to your heart’s content!


What child doesn’t enjoy the zoo?  From the crazy pink flamingos to the loud screeching monkeys, from the laughing hyenas to the tall-as-a-skyscraper giraffes, children delight in all the creatures surrounding them in the zoo.  For this week of Summer Fun Camp, we’ll explore animals and the sounds they make, we’ll learn about their natural habitats, and maybe even act like little monkeys!

Toes In The Sand

Aaaahhh….the beach.  A place for rest and relaxation…  Where you can put your feet up, read a good book, and get kissed by the sun.  Wait!  Who are we kidding!  At Summer Fun Camp, our beach is anything but peaceful!  We’ll be digging in the sand, playing water games, collecting shells, and so much more!  Grab your swim suit and sunscreen and get ready for some fun in the sun!


Science is always more fun when it’s messy!  Learning doesn’t have to end just because school is out for summer…and the kids don’t have to know they’re learning!  You’ll both have so much fun experimenting like a mad scientist you won’t even realize it’s educational!  For the final week of Summer Fun Camp, we’ll learn how to use everyday items to make some seriously amazing stuff!  It’s called research, and sometimes things get messy!  No lab coat needed….but an apron might not be a bad idea!

To stay up to date on all the fun, be sure to visit the Summer Fun Camp 2013 Blog regularly!

Let’s create a fun summer!

9 thoughts on “Weekly Camps

  1. Do you have a shopping list of supplies to pick up ahead of time? Also please add me to the mailing list if there is one. Looking forward to fun with my campers.

    • Thanks so much for your interest in Summer Fun Camp! I actually posted the Week 1 schedule and supply list the other day. Head over to “Summer Fun Camp News” page to check it out!

    • Hi Cindy, No, you don’t have to do each one. The format is a “blog hop” so each day, one blogger will post the craft and activity. You can visit each blog and do whatever you like! Be sure to check out the “Summer Fun Camp News” page for all the current information. Thanks!

    • Hey there! No need to register. Head over to Summer Fun Camp News page to check out the schedule with links, supply list for Week 1, and to stay up to date on announcements. Thanks so much!

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